Neos Technology

Repel The Unwelcome

Nano Enhancement of Surfaces (NEOS) is a new high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for ASG and Lumina Stone surfaces.

The NEOS Difference

Invisible to the naked eye, NEOS has been scientifically formulated to produce a hybrid protectant with physical characteristics that resists staining, keeps surfaces clean and guards against everyday wear and tear. With the application of NEOS, ASG and Lumina Stone are safely protected from most common household chemicals.

This is due to the chemical stability of NEOS which resists ranges between pH1 and pH13, making it the only protectant resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

NEOS, Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, an innovative high-performance stain and substance repellent technology, projects ASG & Lumina Stone as the only surfaces that keeps clean and require minimal maintenance. This protective treatment, with 0,01% of water absorption, resists staining, and crucially, repels a broad range of chemicals, from pH1 to pH13, becoming in the most durable product in the sector, secured from acid corrosion.

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