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Experience the allure of our latest collection of mosaic porcelain tiles, curated to encapsulate the essence of Balinese indulgence. Each tile is a passport to paradise, promising to transform your outdoor space into a serene haven that radiates opulence and tranquillity.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with Balistone Mosaics, the gold standard in pool and landscape design. Expertly crafted to showcase resilience and longevity, our tiles are characterised by a water absorption rate of under 0.5% – a testament to their unrivalled durability. This impressive quality makes them an ideal choice for any water feature or swimming pool, offering low maintenance without compromising on aesthetics.

Engineered with practicality in mind, Balistone Mosaics are an architect’s dream. They effortlessly outshine traditional stone, boasting unique advantages that make them a preferred choice for both architects and designers. Our diverse palette, ranging from the calming blues and greens to the earthy tones of sandstone and grey, lets you design a space that mirrors your unique taste and style.

Embrace the elegance of Indonesian natural stone aesthetics without the hefty price tag. Our Balistone Mosaics bring a touch of luxury to your designs, garnering admiration from seasoned architects and designers alike. In our commitment to meet your specific needs, we offer customisation options to provide design continuity and rectification. Personalise your spaces down to the smallest detail – decide on your colour proportions to curate your perfect ambience. With Balistone Mosaics, transform your designs from ordinary to extraordinary, one tile at a time. Unlock the potential of your design with Balistone Mosaics and immerse yourself in a world where nature’s palette meets exceptional craftsmanship.


Natural Balistone, colloquially referred to as Sukabumi, is a fascinating lava-derived stone, imbued with inherent hues of grey and blue, which metamorphoses into an enchanting emerald green upon immersion in water. Despite this charming transformation, segments not subjected to submersion persist with a less attractive grey tint, frequently clashing with the overarching aesthetics of the pool and outdoor area. As shown in the accompanying image, areas exposed to intermittent water splashes but not fully submerged undergo a pronounced process of erosion. Consequently, without conscientious sealing and consistent maintenance, these sections risk significant disintegration, potentially resulting in crumble within a span as brief as six months.

A principal constraint of natural Balistone is its inherently porous nature. The stone, in its unprocessed form, is ill-suited for constant submersion. This porosity, along with an increased sensitivity to aquatic chemicals, generates immediate maintenance concerns and results in a a complex installation procedure.
Thus, any provider of natural Balistone pool tiles must have comprehensive knowledge of the stone’s distinctive characteristics and potential difficulties.

The stone’s geological origins contribute additional complexities. Its composition, rich with iron nodules and intricate layers, gives rise to considerable colour variations – from light green to dark brown. Only a select few quarries have the capacity to produce a stable colour devoid of brown discolouration. Moreover, some portions of the stone formation are subject to significant environmental alterations such as exposure to hot steam. This exposure compromises the integrity of the stone, making the resulting blocks and tiles fragile and challenging to handle. Material harvested from these affected regions often does not meet commercial usability standards. Consequently, this further intensifies the challenges associated with the application and upkeep of natural Balistone.

In contrast, Balistone Mosaics offer a seamless, visually appealing experience. Engineered to mimic the natural allure of Balistone, these mosaic tiles circumvent the inherent issues associated with the natural stone. They provide consistent colouring, greater durability, and simpler installation and maintenance processes. Moreover, they sustain the aesthetic beauty of Balistone, but without its problematic attributes. Hence, when evaluating the trade-offs, Balistone Mosaics clearly emerges as the superior choice.


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Crafting Your BaliStone: A Guide to Bespoke Beauty

Combine the range abbreviation, your desired chip size, and shade code. Mix and match, and let your space shine!

Tile Sizes and Sheet Sizes:

  • Chip Size: 48 x 48 x 6mm (with corresponding Sheet Size of 306 x 306 x 6mm)
  • Chip Size: 97 x 97 x 6mm (with corresponding Sheet Size of 300 x 300 x 6mm)

Colour Codes:

Light is represented by 1, Mid by 2, and Dark by 3.

Tile Ranges: There are five ranges, each with a unique abbreviation:


  • Ubud (UB)
  • Sanur (SA)
  • Kuta (KU)
  • Nusa (NU)
  • Batur (BA)


Experience the Advantage: BaliStone’s Dot-Mounted Mosaics

Our newest BaliStone Range introduces Dot Mounted Mosaics, a progressive design solution that presents several benefits over the traditional Mesh Mounted Mosaics. By combining innovation with superior craftsmanship, dot-mounted mosaics offer enhanced flexibility,
durability, and aesthetic excellence.

1. Flexibility at Its Finest:
Dot-mounted mosaics provide exceptional flexibility compared to mesh-mounted mosaics. Thanks to individual tile mobility, they seamlessly fit even on curved surfaces and corners, allowing precise adjustments during installation.

2. Strength That Lasts:
With dot-mounted mosaics, each tile makes more direct contact with the adhesive, creating a stronger bond with the underlying surface. This reduces the risk of tiles loosening, offering enhanced longevity over mesh-mounted mosaics.

Embrace the future of design with our BaliStone Range’s dot-mounted mosaics, where technological advancements meet elegance and
function. Experience the BaliStone advantage today.

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